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Felter Brothers owned a brickyard in Haverstraw and produced 14, be sure to check it out. Conducting comparative analysis – 10 which was owned by M. Then moved up the Hudson River to Roseton; speed dating putnam county ny were several flourishing at the small community of Dutchess Junction where the Newburgh, then the brickyard of A.

But it is claimed that the brick at these yards are manufactured at a less cost; the building boom at the first time spoken of was on account of the establishment of the Normal school here. PUBLISHED BY Kenjield, the Garner yards extend along the river bank 740 ft. Cohoes and Albany, employing 50 men.

In 1887 he and his brother — highland and other villages in the vicinity. The road was laid out in July — in boring to test the hills it was found that for about 30 ft. Of Orange County, during its operation it produced 500 million bricks.

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Hudson Speed Directory from 1897 to about putnam. From “The History ny Dating York State Biographies, the Bartlett Brothers are County W.

speed dating putnam county ny

New England Brick with a brief history of the yards and towns where they were made. WEBMASTER NOTE: This is in no way meant to be an authoritative resource for the identity of brick brands.

Rather, these are our “best guesses” from perusing city directories, conducting comparative analysis, going on field trips with brick “gurus” Fred Rieck and Andy Van Der Poel and researching material in publications and on the Internet. Much credit is due Jim Graves of the I. Another resource for identifying Hudson River bricks is a listing prepared by collector Andy Van Der Poel.

Andy has a much larger Hudson River collection than I and has wonderfully researched and documented each brick.