Internet dating disasters site

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internet dating disasters site

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Robotic skin makes machines from toys Robotic skins embedded with sensors can now transform almost any soft object into a moving machine — and shape-changing capabilities are the next step. Google thinks URLs ‘kind of suck’. Is it time for something new? There is a growing group of technologists who think the URL is increasingly complicated and too easily compromised.

Take our quiz to understand what the future of fake news might mean for all of us. Australian tech stocks are fairly scarce and recently highly sought-after commodities — that’s sent their share prices soaring, but is there substance beneath the froth, or just bubbles? A villager goes through the process of eye scanning. Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric identity database and compels all Indian residents to hand over their personal details, including their iris scans and fingerprints, if they want basic services.

A new study showing girls perform just as well in STEM subjects as boys do tips on its head the idea that girls tend to drop out of science, technology, engineering and maths subjects at school because they don’t do as well. China has continued to steal other countries’ intellectual property, according to a report out this week, but another cyber security expert says we should be more concerned about legal agreements with the Chinese Government. An extract of the fruit’s peel can be used to break down oil sludge, according to new Australian research.

Chief executive Kevin Systrom said in a statement that he and Mike Krieger, Instagram’s chief technical officer, planned to leave the company in the next few weeks and take time off “to explore our curiosity and creativity again”.