Dating cast iron cauldrons

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dating cast iron cauldrons

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The Celts, like their predecessors, prepared their meat by roasting or stewing. Both methods became easier after the introduction of metal utensils. Bronze, known in Britain from introduction the middle of the second millennium BC, was for a long time used sparingly for weapons, knives or jewelry.

The inspiration for cauldrons of the meat came from the Greek trading colonies on the French Mediterranean coasts. Food and Drink in Britain From the Stone Age to the 19th Century, C. The diners sat on the ground on straw or hides, and ate their meat with their fingers in a cleanly by leonine fashion, raising up whole limbs in both hands and biting off the meat, while any part that is hard to tear off they cut through with a small dagger which hangs attached to their swordsheath in its own scabbard’.