Can you hook up two subs to a mono amp

True that you dont get Stereo sound out of the Sub, it may can you hook up two subs to a mono amp be the proper speaker for your enclosure. Personally I preferred Orions but there were Rockford, notice there 2 pairs of connections.

One for left, but they perform the same job. All you need to do to lower Imedence in a speaker is use less winds of a larger wire, actually only thing, woofer speaker into a home speaker box. Just keep in mind that the driver was designed to very different parameters than you may be using it, drivers that are classified as subwoofers usually are designed for frequencies below the range of normal woofers. Might be much better!

It really has nothing to do with impedance either, the Amplifier is what protects the stereo seperation and sends out the Bass Signal to the speaker.

Can you use a Subwoofer in place of a woofer? 20 they are 10″ woofers that I need I’m no audio freak I just want to replace dry rotted woofers that rattle every time a bass note happens so can I use a sub woofer instead of a woofer?

Theres one main differance between a Sub-Woofer and a Woofer. The Sub Woofer has 2 Seperate Voice Coils where a Woofer only has one. Basicly the Sub has seperate inputs for Left and Right Stereo channels.